What I Learned from Exercising Every Day

For some reason that I no longer remember, at the start of my dopamine detox, I decided to workout every day.

This is one of those things that I started seemingly out of nowhere, without much thought and that has rewarded me tremendously.

In fact, it’s very similar to my dopamine detox. Start something, stick with it and get a lot out of it… maybe there’s a trend here. idk 🤷‍♀️

There are 4 things I learned from doing this for about a month now.

Doing it every day instills more patience in me

This isn’t the first time that I exercise. In fact, ever since I started playing badminton ~14 years ago, I’ve never stopped exercising for more than 3 weeks (injuries and vacations).

It is the first time that I workout every single day though (okay, ALMOST). One thing I remember from my gym rat days was the constant feeling of wanting to increase my weights. I don’t know if it was simply my ego or the fact that I wanted to reach the infamous 2 plates bench, 3 plates squat and 4 plates dead-lift, but I couldn’t wait to increase those weights.

Unfortunately, I paid the consequence of that eagerness as I’d often injure myself (nothing TOO serious. Just enough to slow down my progress).

However, this time it’s different. I somehow don’t feel any pressure to increase my weights or my reps. My reasoning on this is that if I continue to workout every day and that every workout I do is somewhat difficult for me to do, then I’ll progressively get better no matter what.

It’s as if knowing that I’ll be working out every day for an indefinite period of time (until the quarantine ends) crushes my desire to rush my progress. It’s like “why rush when you’re going to do this forever anyway?”.

Results compound

I don’t have much to say about this except that I’m loving my results especially since it has only been 1 month.

I don’t exercise that much to be honest. My time of physical effort (not counting warmup and stretches) ranges from 30 minutes to 45 minutes and I can already see my body slightly transform (results will vary obviously).

This lesson doesn’t just apply to fitness and health. It applies to everything.

I’m starting to see that doing something every single day for 1 hour (7 hours per week) might give more results than doing something 4 times a week for 2 hours (8 hours per week).

In general, it makes sense to say that the more you do something, the “quicker” your “results” will be, but I think there’s an extra something when you do something for many consecutive days (and even better if it’s every single day).

No matter how much I dread it at the beginning, the end is always fire 🔥🔥

This is a bit weird for me to write… I think it’s the first time that I’ve done something every day for such a long time (yeah.. only 1 month). Or maybe it’s the first time that I’ve been so dedicated to sticking to a habit?

I don’t really know. Whatever it is though, I can say that there are many many days where I think of doing my workout and I dread it so so much.

I always think to myself “oh, I’ve been doing this for x consecutive days, maybe I can give myself a break” or after dying during the second set, I’ll think “skipping 1 set won’t do me any harm right?”

No matter what situation it is, I have yet to give up. I’ve always done a workout when I was supposed to and I’ve always did the right amount of sets.

My trick for this is to tell myself to just go through the motions. No matter how shitty the quality of my reps are, as long as I go through the motions, it’ll count as a workout.

At least, that’s what I tell myself. Without fail though, as soon as I actually get into the workout, my mentality switches from “just survive this workout” to “let’s freaking kill this workout !!!”

It leaves me very satisfied to know that I went from 0 to 1 during my workouts 🙂

This “go through the motion” thing can also be applied to much for than workouts FYI haha.

It’s the best way for me to flip the mood of a day


was totally unexpected.

It’s very similar to the lesson described above except that it applies to my whole day. What do I mean by that?

Well, there were numerous days where I was having a really really bad day. Had I evaluated my day before exercising, I’d probably give it a 4.5 or 5 on 10. Maybe something bad happened or maybe I was unproductive at work or maybe I was simply not feeling well.

Going into the workout, I wasn’t down. However, as I said, I never skipped. I went through the motion and eventually focused my mind on trying to kill my workout. And in that very moment, whatever bad thing happened, was forgotten. All that non-productiveness at work, was replaced by killing my exercises. Not feeling well, simply disappeared.

And the greatest part of this is that my mental shift not only lasted during my workout, it carried on to activities that I did after my workout !!

Isn’t that crazy?! It’s almost as if I was constantly living two days every single day. My day before the workout and my day after the workout and no matter how I felt in the first half of the day, it usually didn’t affect the second half !

So not only is exercising great for my physical health, it’s also great for my mental health and overall well-being.

I know not everyone has the time to do so, but if you can, try exercising every day. It really pays off based on my own, personal, experience.