[vents] staying small vs going big

Quick intro: I have a new series on my blog called [vents]. These are going to be shorter posts that’s really just me talking. No editing going on. Feel free to ignore these more often :).

I think I’ve figured out a bit what to do with my life in the short term (concentrating on this year type of thing) and it’s pretty quote-on-quote small.

I have a goal at work, I have a couple projects that I’d like to complete, I’m keeping my health in check by playing badminton and maybe going to the gym, I’m having fun playing badminton tournaments and also spending time with friends & family. This is what I mean by small. Everything I’ve listed here pertains to myself, my happiness and my close surrounding. There’s nothing about the world or helping strangers or making the world a better place. Which, again, I think is fine because I’m still really young and I’ve been beating myself up for the past 4 years or so and I decided that this year is going to be more relax.

But, and if you know me, there’s always a but somewhere in my text, after watching only 20 minutes of this 3-hour long talk with Elon Musk, I can’t help, but wonder what happens if I decide to go big. Big as in Tesla big. or big as in SpaceX. or even big as in the Boring Candy. Elon is currently tackling some of the biggest problems and I haven’t done any research on the impact of each company, but I know FOR SURE that Tesla had a crazy impact on the automotive industry. All of the big bois now have at least 1 electric or hybrid car in their lineup and this push wouldn’t have been possible without Tesla.

And all this just makes me think… shit. Do I really want to stay small and enjoy my little life? Or should I dedicate my time to doing something bigger and more impactful. Add that on top of Elon’s infamous quote ” I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary ” and you have a recipe for some great motivation ! Almost almost makes me want to quit my job, quit all my plans and be like “LET ME SOLVE EDUCATION (or some other important thing that will help humanity) !!!”

But suddenly, I remember that I tried going ham (hard) in life and it simply didn’t work because that’s just not who I am. Or maybe I am capable of it and am simply holding myself back. I don’t know.

These are just some thoughts. I’m still sticking to my temporary short term goals for now, but sheesh. Elon really has a way of inspiring me to try and tackle something bigger than myself.

Does this ever happen to you guys?

Peace ✌️,