Moving forward on a very unexpected path: The Decision

In my previous post, I detailed the preamble that led to my decision of diving deeper into the coding world. You can read this here.

For those who are too lazy to read the full post, a short recap is that there are essentially two things that led me to making a decision.

  1. My brother and I wanted to build a product (app) and since he doesn’t really want to code, I was the default coder in the team. Problem is, I currently don’t know how to build apps and learning how to do it correctly is going to take me a while.
  2. I’m currently doing a dopamine detox / digital minimalism thingy, which enabled me to think more clearly and independently ie without external influences.

In this post, I’m going to talk about the “why” that ultimately made me pick the path I’m walking at the moment.

Doing One Thing

You know, if I’ve learned one thing from this detox is that, no matter what, I’ll always have moments in my life where I don’t want to be productive. I just want to relax and do things that don’t require too much brainpower.

On this particular Friday, I was tired from my week and wanted to find a small 10-20 minutes to do some brain-dead activities. Luckily for me, Mozilla Firefox (my default browser on my desktop computer) has an integration with Pocket where every time you open a new tab, instead of getting a blank page, you get a bunch of recommended articles from Pocket. Since reading articles is not officially part of my detox (although I probably should have included it), I had found my brain-dead activity.

There was one article by Darius Foroux that caught my attention and it was about what happened to him when he stopped exercising daily. You can read this here. I don’t think that was a very good article because I can’t remember anything about it, but it did allow me to find another article by him entitled You Can Achieve Anything If You Focus On ONE Thing. The main thing I got from that article is that he separates his life into different areas and only concentrates on one thing PER area as he puts it. For instance, maybe you split your life into Career, Health and Social life. In your career, you can concentrate on increasing your salary by 10k, in health you can concentrate on gaining 10lbs of muscles and in your social life, you’d want to see your friends twice a week or something.

People Overestimate What They Can Do in a Day and Underestimate What They Can Do in a Year

I decided to give it a try and split all the things I want to do in my lifetime into different areas.


Splitting My Life

All the things I want to do.

All the things I want to do.

In a perfect life, I’d be able to accomplish all of these. I haven’t defined what “accomplished” means for each of these yet because I don’t see any value in doing so right now. Especially since these might change in the future.

Obviously, not all of them are going to have crazy goals. For instance, long distance running might simply be to complete a Marathon (relatively easy) or completing the Boston Marathon (harder), but it’ll never be something like beat Eliud Kipchoge’s record (that’s just crazy and unrealistic).

Anyway, I digress.

The next step was to aggregate them into similar groups that either conflict with each other (I don’t want to train for a marathon while trying to become buff ie Gymming) or that are pretty similar (Singing, Rapping, Beat making can all be done at the same time).

I ended up with the following list:

Modified list

Modified list


In this list, I was able to see 3 broad areas. Skill / Career, Health and Self-Expression.

Skill / Career

The reason why I decided to combine both of them is because I tried having a career and learning an unrelated skill on the side and simply didn’t like it. It certainly is doable, but I’m the type of person who likes to have an immersive learning experience. If I learn how to make movies, I want to hang with people that make movies, I want to watch videos related to video making and ,preferably, I’d be making money with it too. In here I had coding apps, videography, run my own company, Youtube and learning a new language (skill only lmao)


The most obvious one. Health and sports are a big part of my life and I’d be greatly miserable without them. Badminton, Long Distance Running, Gymming, Basketball and Martial arts are in here.


Simply put, I want a place where I can share my thoughts with the world. It makes me believe that I’m having a little impact and also helps me organize my thoughts. In this area, I have this blog, YouTube and singing / rapping / beat making.

The Decision

Coding Applications

This is probably the most shocking one. I even shocked myself when I chose this ! I just couldn’t believe that after 6 years of saying I didn’t like it, I’d deliberately choose to deepen my knowledge on coding.

The first thing I realized after starting to build our app is that building something is freaking fun man. As I said before, the thought of having the superpower of thinking of something and creating it from scratch is orgasmic. What’s not fun is not understanding shit. And that was pretty much what going on during those 6 years. I just didn’t understand much of what I was doing and it make it super boring.

Don’t get me wrong, I still dislike my job to a certain extent. Building apps that I think of and working on a small part of a big application that I have no control over (most jobs) is not the same thing. My current vibe is more Silicon Valley than Microsoft / Apple / Google / Facebook.

Additionally, I’m kinda following the money. This goes against what I usually think, but there’s the very true reality that learning to sing or learning videography when you don’t have to worry about your living expenses is a lot easier. Software jobs are usually high-salaried and there’s also the possibility of creating an app that’ll either become big or be acquired.

With the goal of shipping applications as quickly as possible, I decided to learn Ruby (RoR) and React (for you tech nerds).


Concerning badminton, I already know what my goal is. I’ve always had the same goal. It’s simply to retire as an A player. Quick explanation is that in Quebec, there are 4 levels of players. C, B, A and A Elite. A Elite being the strongest and C being the weakest. A Elite are those who dedicated a lot a lot of time to badminton (those who want to become professional and shit) so that’s out of the question.

Ever since I started playing at 11 years old, I told myself that I’d retire when I was A. I briefly retired in 2017 to start my very short track & field career (ended due to an injury). In 2017, I was on the verge of going up to A, but I foolishly left. Consequently, I’m still B and trying to reach that A level.

The reason why I want to concentrate on this right now is because badminton is a pretty taxing sport and pretty injury prone. I don’t want to restart training when I’m 30 and my body can’t handle it anymore. Long distance running and becoming buff are things that people do way after 30 so I’m confident I’ll be able to do it too.

Finally, due to the Covid19 lockdown, I can’t really play badminton at the moment. Thus, I’m running to keep my legs fresh, doing a lot of abs/core workouts and a tiny amount of arm and back workout. I’ll probably add some leg workouts also.

My Blog

Last one !! Thank you for staying with me up until here. Singing / Rapping / Beat Making take too much time to learn right now. It was down to YouTube or my Blog.

Although I really love making YouTube videos, it’s pretty time consuming. It takes me around 2-3 days to make 1 sub-par video.

Whereas with my blog… I can bang out about 3-4 articles per day if I concentrate a bit. Or one article in an hour. Basically, it’s a lot easier to maintain and it serves its purpose: self-expressing myself.

This wasn’t really hard to choose. Bye bye YouTube (for now).


All my days are filled with learning Ruby / RoR / building an app, running or working out or writing articles for my blog (and finishing up my Dopamine Detox series for YouTube – I can’t wait to be done with it LOL).

Alright, that’s it for me,