inside my mind pt.1

small recap of this period:

  • This is corona things and while I used to love this, I’m starting to slowly lose my sanity.
  • I started making Tik Tok videos with themes such as “content ideas for …” where I’m trying to help companies with their content creation.
  • I also started posting the same thing on LinkedIn once a day.
  • Finally, I’ve been listening to a lot of GaryVee.
  • Started watching Castlevania on Netflix, that shit is FIRE.

What’s going on in my mind?

As I said in the recap, I’m starting to really lose my mind because instead of working 8 hours like I’m supposed to do, I’m actually not doing anything much. The reason for that is that I really don’t like coding and working in this whole field anymore as I’ve known since 2nd year of University. At the same time, I feel bad if I completely don’t work so I’m in this state where I’m not doing much. I’m working a bit and procrastinating a lot.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what would make me happy. In terms of career I mean. I’m not quite sure honestly and it’s a bit scary. Out of all the jobs out there, am I going to find something that I’d like to do for a while? At least one year… without suffering. Right now, I’m thinking of going into marketing strategy or more specifically, content strategy. I think content is very useful and interesting to build brands and I think there are probably tons of companies that don’t know what content to make. What’s really cool about content is that it can be super specific to what your company wants to do and I guess that’s how you will diversify yourself from your so-called competitors. At the same time, I’ve been watching a lot of GaryVee lately and I might be influenced by what he’s doing. But honestly, there’s something really cool about helping companies and having daily meetings with different contexts and seeing how they can better serve their clients.

I do feel; however, that I’d need to first create some sort of WineLibrary like GaryVee in order to “prove” myself or maybe not. Maybe I just need to post a bunch of content and people will naturally gravitate towards me and that’s how I’ll get started.

I don’t know if it’s a positive point, but something really interested came out of breaking out from the routine (aka this corona confinement thing), it’s that I realized I don’t need a lot of money to survive right now. There’s a lot more pressure from my mom and external people thinking that I’m crazy, but I don’t feel the need to keep my job anymore. Actually, I’m not scared of losing it is how I should put it.

I’m honestly not someone who would do absolutely nothing though, like, I’ll need to do something or maybe just find another job in a completely non-related field. Maybe try a marketing job or a content specialist jobs or something… Trying it out stuff is currently my best strategy to find what I would want as a “career” aka standard job.

But ultimately, I have this vision of the world that would make things so much easier for everyone and I don’t know where to fit this vision in all this plan of mine. Maybe through YouTube, maybe through putting out content… Not too sure.

In this whole vision though, there’s also my big ego trying to ruin everything. I always say that I don’t care about money, but it would feel nice to be a millionaire. Not for the money or the purchasing power, but for the fame and the prestige that I would have. This; however, goes against my whole vision. So I’d need to keep my ego in check.

My vision is honestly everyone working in a fulfilling job making something between 70k to 150k depending on their lifestyle…. Imagine. I think it would be wonderful. But there are so many factors. Trying to find what makes you fulfilled, actually having the skills to do it or at least enough skills so people pay you a decent salary, keeping your ego in check, people not being internally fucked up. Damn, there are too many factors lmao

I guess the first piece of the puzzle is accomplishing that vision for myself and then I’d be able to show people or be a leader by showing by example… hmm… that’s interesting. I could do that through YouTube.

Action steps:

  • Think about if I wanted to accomplish this vision for myself, what would I do first? Or how I would go about it.